PennyBun believes in making clothes for everyone.

What happens when you inevitably fall outside the "perfect" range?
Clothing is one of the best ways to express yourself, and sizing shouldn't get in the way.

Here at PennyBun, sizing will never be prohibitive. We offer two ways to choose your sizes:

Option 1: Straight Sizing

If you are one of the lucky few who can order standard sizing without issue, great! Just check out the measurement chart, find your size, select it from the dropdown, and add it to your cart!

No need to fill out the custom sizing form, you’re all set. :)

Option 2: FREE Custom Sizing

If you look at the measurement chart, and you are between sizes (i.e. your measurements don’t fall in one size range) or your measurements are larger/smaller than the measurements listed, not to worry! This is where our custom sizing option comes in!

Simply choose the "Custom" size option and enter the required measurements!

Our Philosophy on Sizing

When I was a teenager, I was teensy tiny. Any piece of clothing you pulled off the rack at Forever 21 would fit me perfectly. As I entered my mid-20s, this became...less true. Trying standard sizes became an impossible logic puzzle, if something fit around the waist, the bust would be too baggy, but if the bust would fit, there was no way I could get it over my hips.




Looking hot in head to toe off the shelf fast fashion.


50 lbs and 10 years later in all custom made... still looking extremely hot.

Standard sizing once again let me down when I began sewing my own clothes and I found myself adjusting every pattern I used. This was my original inspiration to start drafting my own designs -- it was the easiest way to make sure everything fit the way I wanted. Creating custom clothes for others only provided more evidence that standard sizing isn’t enough. Clothes should fit YOU the way YOU want. How could each and every body type and fit into one of only ELEVEN standard sizes?



I’ve never taken my measurements before. How would I even start?

Never fear, click here to buy a measuring tape, find out what to wear, and get step by step instructions on taking your measurements.

What if my measurements are not on the Measurement Chart at all?

No worries! Just select the “Custom” option and enter your measurements there. You get something created just for you!

Is there an added fee for custom sizing?

Nope! Custom sizing is free! All of our pieces are made to order, so resizing is easy to fit into the production process. This could obviously change in the future, so take advantage of us while the business is young and naive! :)

What if my garment doesn’t fit? Can I return it?

If something doesn’t fit, we’ll cover the shipping for one adjustment as long as you contact us within the first 30 days. Get in touch via email and describe the issue as detailed as possible (pictures are much appreciated!). We will send you a shipping label, make the necessary adjustments, and send the product back to you!

If the garment still requires further adjustments, you would be responsible for the shipping costs.