At PennyBun we are:

Small Batch

All garments are handmade with love by yours truly.

Low Waste

All offcuts and scraps are reused in house and many products are created from repurposed materials.

Size Inclusive

Nearly all of our clothes are made to measure, allowing us to make clothes for all bodies

Two Ways to Choose Sizing!

Option 1: Straight Sizing

If you are one of the lucky few who can order standard sizing without issue, great! Just check out the measurement chart, find your size, select it from the dropdown, and add it to your cart! No need to fill out the custom sizing form, you’re all set!

Option 2: FREE Custom Sizing

If you look at the measurement chart, and you are between sizes (i.e. your measurements don’t fall in one size range) or your measurements are larger/smaller than the measurements listed, not to worry! This is where our custom sizing option comes in!

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All deliveries are carbon neutral
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