Measure Custom Body Rise

Why Customize Rise?

Do you have a bit (or a bunch) of a booty? Or a belly? Or are you just tall? Do your shorts often give you front/back wedgie? Your shorts may need to have some length added to the rise to make sure that the waistband hits at the perfect height for you. Now you can add a custom rise measurement based on your body rise measurement at no extra cost!

Four line drawings of female in profile. One with larger bellly, one with larger posterior, and one stretched taller

How to Get Your Body Rise Measurement

Step 1: Dress for Measuring

When taking measurements, wear something form fitting, like leggings, or just your underoos. The important thing is to not wear anything too bulky, like jeans, it’ll throw off the measurements.

Step 2: Measure Rise in Inches

Place the tape measure at the waistline at the centerfront (right around where your belly button is), then down through the crotch, and back up to the waistline at the center back. It should be at the same height in front and in the back.

Step 4: Enter Rise Measurement when adding Shorts to your cart.

Select "Yes" for on the "Add Custom Body Rise Option" and enter the measurement.

Thats it! Easy as pie. If you have further questions, send me an email at