Intructions for custom sizing measurements

Connie & Angela Shorts

What to Wear:

When taking measurements, wear an unpadded bra that just gives you a little shape. Avoid padded bras (which will make your measurements too big) and compressive sports bras (which will make your measurements to small).

For bottoms, wear something form fitting, like leggings, or just your underoos. The important thing is to not wear anything too bulky, like jeans, it’ll throw off the measurements.

Waist Measurement

Place the tape measure horizontally around the smallest part of the torso, between the bust and hips. Usually right above the belly button and just under the ribcage. The tape should be at the same height across the back and front, and parallel with the floor.

Hip Measurement

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, pointing forward. Look forward and keep your chin up.

Place the tape measure horizontally around the largest part of your hips (where your booty is biggest). Be sure the measuring tape is parallel to the ground all the way around.

Rise Measurement

You may need to have a rise added to make sure that the waistband hits at the perfect height for you. Place the tape measure at the waistline at the centerfront (right around where your belly button is), then down through the crotch, and back up to the waistline at the center back. It should be at the same height in front and in the back.

Inseam Length

Using a measuring tape or ruler, place the starting end at the crotch seam and extend it down along the inside of the shorts' leg to the desired length. This will be the inseam measurement.